Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Wolfman of Wolfe County

So Destination America has a show on right now called "Mountain Monsters" which is really just another way of exploiting the Appalachian region and finding the craziest people to represent us. (Naturally, people love this kind of thing.)

Recently, there was a show that aired called the "Wolfman of Wolfe County."

Now, being from Wolfe County, Kentucky I was intrigued about this episode. After all, I had spent my childhood there and still return at least once every year and have strong ties to the area. In all of these 33 years, however, not once have I ever heard of the supposed "wolfman."

According to the show, the wolfman stands on his hind legs and looks like a wolf. Yep, that's it. He's a monster who terrorizes people and animals and has been wrecking havoc for as long as anyone (at least the actors they brought in for the show) remembers.

Sticking to the format that most of these shows have, a trap was set for the wolfman and he was almost captured on camera before he stealthily got away. Aw, so close!

The fact that he was roaming the hills of Hazel Green, the town where I am from, yet nobody I know from there had ever heard from him was more than questionable. The fact that nobody knew the "locals" in the production was even more questionable. (Hazel Green has one gas station. A thriving metropolis it is not...) The fact that these "locals" referred to the a hollow as a "hollow" kind of sealed the deal for me. Clearly, this episode was completely, and not even cleverly, staged.

There are strange things in the mountains of Wolfe County. There are ghosts and spirits and black panthers and, hey, maybe even a few demons. Lots of things to talk about and speculate about without having to actually make anything up.

Oh well. At least they weren't trying to find Bigfoot. (That was in neighboring Lee County and they did that last year.) 


  1. Same here. I'm from Hazel Green, been here all my life...never heard of the wolf man, didn't recognize any of the people on the show. A couple of shots came from Wolfe County, but most of it was filmed in West Virginia. Complete waste of 60 minutes.

    Hazel Green and Wolfe County have great things to film and talk about, unfortunately an opportunity lost.

  2. I'm not from Wolfe county myself. My family is however. I've heard of lots of stuff. Never heard of wolfe man lol. And one thing I found suspect.......when they interviewed a guy about the sighting he referee to the hollow where he saw thing....idk anyone who calls a hollar a hollow from there.. Watching that show is ridiculous. Funny.....its like Wiley coyote and the road runner. And the traps they build come from the acme company.